Manage your cloud costs effectively

Reduce cloud costs and maximise performance for an ever-changing market.

All while delivering the experiences your customers demand.

Optimise your cloud for a better business

Reduce cloud costs and maximise performance for an ever-changing market. All while delivering the experiences your customers demand.

Rackspace Technology™ has partnered with Tech Data and Dell Technologies to offer you VMware® workloads. We reduce the burden of managing data center infrastructure and VMware Cloud Operations so you can focus on your business.

This means you can:

Increase budget accuracy
Achieve cloud governance
Reduce operational burden
Improve usage and spend insights
Reduce cloud spend and maximise performance

Our features

VMWare Cloud Foundation

Enables full Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) capabilities including VMware virtualised compute, storage, networking, and cloud management.

Premium experience support

Round the clock support, everyday. 15-minute live response time for emergency tickets.

Fully managed by Rackspace Technology™

Providing you the agility and efficiency of a public cloud.

Dell Technologies infrastructure

Based on proven, highly available infrastructure.

Experience 99.9% uptime

An industry-leading 99.99% VMware API uptime guarantee.

The benefits of cloud optimisation

Our cloud solutions are designed securely and can be integrated seamlessly into your existing systems.

Here are some of their benefits.

Optimise your cloud architecture

Rearchitect cloud environments to meet your evolving business and application needs while reducing inefficiencies, so you can focus on what you do best.

Unshackle information for better data usage

Spin up infinite private, low-latency virtual connections over one physical connection from the disaggregated storage environment, so applications across a multitude of public cloud zones operate as a seamless whole.

Customise your storage solution

Your solution is designed according to your needs – from basic hybrid models to high performance all-flash platforms, protocol types, and even advanced features or expansion shelves.

Get better security for your data

Leverage expert IT security professional services guidance and leading technologies to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Data Freedom

  • Get your business’s independence back from public cloud data.
  • Don’t let data be held hostage by unpredictable data egress charges.
  • Your data storage can be directly and securely connected to the public cloud of your choice.
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5 Operational practices to manage your cloud costs

Define cost management roles and responsibilities

Establish practices and policies that will enable you to control costs and remain within your budget.

Implement continuous cost optimisation

Maintain governance by ensuring resources are well managed and utilized continuously across all environments.

Optimise your cloud architecture

Whether you’ve already migrated to the cloud, or are thinking of doing so, there are several ways you can incorporate cost management into your cloud to ensure cost control and visibility.

Establish cost monitoring thresholds and quotas

By implementing processes that establish thresholds and quotas, you can improve cost monitoring and ensure that any reactionary spending is curtailed and controlled.

Promote a cost-conscious culture

It’s important to ensure you have the right relationships with vendors who offer experience beyond the cloud.

Cut straight to the strategies that save

Read how to kickstart your journey to optimising cloud costs.

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    HK Express stays fast and lean while growing with cloud


    Providing seamless booking experience for value-conscious travelers.

    Rackspace Technology Solution

    Professional Services – IT/Business transformation Private Cloud – VMWare, dedicated servers


    • Removed burden of IT operations to focus on affordable flights
    • Infrastructure costs reduced by 30%
    • eCommerce conversion up by 50%

    Coinstar transforms to agile IT and business and reducing costs


    Separate IT services from its parent company and transition to a more modern, agile, and scalable managed environment while achieving cost savings.

    Rackspace Technology Solution

    Professional Services – IT transformation, DevOps; Managed Private Cloud – VMware®; Colocation; Productivity and Collaboration; SAP ERP


    • Reduced IT spend by 40%
    • Restructured its IT delivery approach
    • Reduced application support burdens and successfully managed a large-scale migration

    Optimise cloud cost with Rackspace Technology ™

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